If you were asked to design the perfect plant grow in a pot by the kitchen door, it might well come out looking a lot like rosemary. It’s a great herb for cooks – full of flavour, versatile and easy to grow. Given a good sized pot filled with well-drained soil, and a sunny spot, … Continue reading Rosemary

24 million

Sometimes it’s the crusts, sometimes the entire loaf, but every day in the UK the equivalent of 24 million slices of bread are thrown away. That’s a lot of bread to be wasting. In some ways, it’s understandable. Supermarkets sell bread at prices that make it easy and affordable to throw it out as soon … Continue reading 24 million


Why grow garlic? It’s easy. Garlic scapes, the flower stems produced by hardneck varieties in early summer, are edible, delicious and rarely offered for sale. Freshly dug, immature garlic bulbs, have a mild flavour and are another gourmet treat not often seen in the shops. What and where to buy Now is the time to … Continue reading Garlic